Cyber Blue 234 website

Check out Cyber Blue 234’s 2006 website. Let us know what you think and be sure to check out the intro video of Kristen!


David, the site blows my mind away…looks cool and is easy to use. Great job 234!

Three letters. O M G. Nice job guys, I agree with the post before me, this is really well done and professional looking. You do have very few HTML errors , I suggest fixing; if you need any help, please let me know, but it looks like you guys definitely know what you are doing. Great job.

Amazing! That looks like a professional did it. Very nice!

And I’m a huge fan of your manipulator from last year, very smooth, quick, and doesn’t let the tetras move at all. Although my jaw dropped when the tetra flew off of that team’s arm and onto the goal. What are the chances?

Thanks for all the kind words thus far. We really feel we put something great together this year and hopefully everyone else sees it. I’ll pass all of this onto the webmaster.

That is absolutely amazing. Really good work, guys. Your site is really easy to navigate, and there is no problem finding the content I want. Solid.

When David showed me the site the other day, I was seriously blown away … great job 234.

very nice…
i specially liked what you’ve done on the team members section (
very cool, original and funny

The best design thus far guys. Great work, I’ll be watching Arizona’s feed to see if you guys win :slight_smile:

Thanks. The website has come a long way since we started. I’m just glad we made it to the end only experiencing a few breakdowns…

All of our hard work this year on the website has been worthwhile. We were honored by winning the 2006 Arizona Regional Website Award. It felt great to know that something our team worked so hard on and put so many hours into got some recognition.

Great Job guys! - Your website is very clean and I like it. One thing my team and I were trying to do this year was an all Flash website, but I think it would look better if we used HTML and then integrated flash into it, like your webiste.
Great Job again! If you want to see ours go to

Amazing site, Cyber Blue, and really easy to use! I had no problem finding contact info via your site to get in touch with you guys after competition. I even browsed through your members section and recognized at least half of you! Keep up the good work!

We don’t focus as much on our site, but feel free to check out team 698 at More updates coming soon (when my website kids come back from vacation). In the meantime, contact me at for additional info. …Suppose I should put that in my signature on here. Heh. :smiley: