Cyber Blue - FRC 234 - Robot Reveal

Cyber Blue 2016 - Robot Reveal - “Treadpool”

“A fourth damage in a fourth damage…that’s like, 16 defenses damaged!”

Great robot, as always! Can’t wait to see how the season goes!

Great looking robot guys!

Just wondering, how did that Sally port cross count? Robot looks great though, looking forward to competing next week!

Not sure if it technically counted or not. But based off the rules, if we came out of contact with it for a split second, it theoretically would count. The real question is can the ref see that we stopped touching it for a split second or not. But in reality, we won’t be able to cross it on our own from the neutral zone to courtyard. Makes sense?

Yeah, that makes sense. I could tell that’s what you were trying to do, just wanted to make sure there wasnt a rule clarification that made it possible. We actually thought about doing the same thing, lol.