Cyber Blue's 2004 Animation - "Enter FIRST Robotics"

A drumroll please! dododododododo…

For your viewing pleasure, Cyber Blue’s 2004 Animation entry entitled “Enter FIRST Robotics” can be seen here now -

A smaller file format will be posted soon.

Please leave feedback! :]

Good job…Our animation team finally finishes rendering today…Add sound and they should be done soon…Hopefully they will get it posted on our website. I enjoyed the robotic voice over.

Very cool. The 4 way split screen was a really neat idea. The voiceovers maybe could have a had a little more ‘impact’

very nice guys, good luck!

ouch, 130mb. I think I’ll wait to download it at school. my 56k can’t handle that.

i love the matrix theme…very good job.

I love the Matrix theme to, but what I love most, is it’s Matrix based and no annoying rave scene! :smiley:

just wait till you see the bloopers on the DVD you can purchase for $350.00 plus shipping and handling.

gj ryan as usual :smiley: i liked seeing our logo involved in such a well done animation

Kick a** animation Ryan, wouldn’t expect any less from you.
Very origional, could very well be an award winner (ill vote ofr ya at MR if you submit there).
Thanks for putting me in the credits, I still can’t believe you did that :yikes: .

We will be providing one in the very near future. We will inform you once that has been done.

Nevermind, I deleted that post (in case someone was wondering) If you download it off Streamline it goes much faster, heh.

Thank you for all the compliments! Indeed a smaller file size will be offered soon, so for those that don’t have high speed internet - don’t fret, you’ll see it soon :slight_smile:

Thanks again guys :]

Oh I have high speed internet (Two seperate companies actually), I just wanted to wait 20 minutes instead of 30 :yikes:

Just one question, why do you have the Spaceship Earth with the 2000 hand on it on the animation page?

Oh, and good animation.

Solid work. Nicely done.

I’m not sure about the Epcot thing, I’ll consult the web team and get back to you within 3-5 business days.

And thank you :]

i am glad that everyone likes the animation. This was my first year on the team and i never would have expected to put such a kick butt animation together.

THANKS!!! :o

it’s beautiful :yikes: well done as usual guys, way to represent indiana :stuck_out_tongue:

Represent to the fullest :]

Thanks Elyse, and to all for your comments. We’re working on getting a .wmv or .avi format up on our site soon so those with dial up and view it. :slight_smile: