Cybergnomes - FIRST Team 2013's Logomotion Robot Revealed!

See you in Boston!

I wouldn’t be surprised to see this team play in the finals, especially with a background coming from 854.

Great robot, best of luck in Boston.

Can you score on the top row if you pick a tube up off the ground? and Great looking robot.

Thanks guys. Yes we can score in all positions from either loading method but we prefer loading from the human player. There is alot less risk of the arm becomming damaged. This drive system seems to be quite adept at zipping back and forth accross the field and with 3 motors on each side we hope to be able to powerhouse our way past other robots without mucking about with shifting gears. We’ll see how it goes though, we did some practice with a team from Kincardine and with identical friction material our 3 motor drives seemed to be even with their 2 speed 2 CIM AndyMark’s as far as pushing power. (But that was before we discovered that 7 of our 10 batteries used on that day were shot and would only hold a quarter of their capacity… Nobody knows if we were running the fresh KOP batteries during that little scuffle or the lazy ones :stuck_out_tongue: My hopes are high that we can do better with healthy power)

Can’t wait to see you in Boston!

Likewise! Be sure to drop by our pit - we are working on getting about 40lbs worth of locally-made maple toffee candies to pass out.

Word of caution: IIRC they don’t allow you to pass out candy/food to other teams. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Feel free to send me the candy though.:smiley:

Crap… I guess they forgot about that one…

Free all-organic robot adhesive! :smiley:

I finally found the event rules on their website under Welcome Package ?
After reading through, they definitely know how to put a damper on a good time. I see they are still charging for parking…
Oh well, I’m sure we can get rid of it all somehow.