Cybersonics FRC103 Build Log 2019-2020

Team 103 has decided to create a continuous build log of our build season of 2020. We are extremely excited to share our progress, help out and receive help from other teams, and make friends with other teams from around the world.

Hopefully, a couple times a week we will be posting and updating about our progress of our robot. We wish each and every other team good luck on building and planning their robots!


Looking forward to this thread!

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Continuing the discussion from Cybersonics FRC103 Build Log 2019-2020:

This is our manufacturing team hard at work today. They are all working on the index, intake, and shooting mechanisms. Currently they are brainstorming and building prototypes. :robot: :smiley:

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Today, our team was and is still hard at work putting forth effort in every aspect of brainstorming, prototyping, and trying to set up our playing field. In the first picture shown, they are creating the prototype launcher that is shown in action. The link below shows you just how amazing the prototyping phase is going for our team.

Click here to see the prototype in action!


Here is the link to our online CAD that we will be updating periodically.

Online CAD

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We did an experiment to see if vacuum sealing the power cells for shipping overseas would work.
Here is a link to our successful shrink down and re-inflation of the power cells.
This should make the boxes much smaller to ship to oversea team.

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Our playing field is really starting to come together!

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Here is a photo of our manufacturing team learning about machine safety. Safety is extremely important while working with heavy machinery, or any type of machinery. In this photo they are preparing to make the base of the robot.