Cybersonics Team 103 Animation Complete

The Cybersonics Technology Team animation department is proud to present Ignition for the 2003 Autodesk Award For Visualization. Go to our site to download. Enjoy… comments welcome.

Head Animator, Team 103

Good job on the animation, I really liked it… considering we only have 2(yes count em 2, and NO, emphasise NO, budget) people on our animation team, it’s not going to be AS elaborate as we wanted. BUT WHO CARES!!

Nice!! (When i saw the title screen similar to the last years “Impact” i knew it would be cool) I really like your storyboard and the camera/music sync. Great Job!
Wow… it seems like you have 11 people on the animation group! That’s alot! how did you get so many people?

We do have a pretty good number of people on the team. This is from a lot of recruiting. Most of them do only modeling and, as you see, two of us do all the animating and textures.

I loved Team 103 animation last year, so this year’s just adds another great chapter to your animation book (which many of us would like to read someday.) :slight_smile:

Great Job!

Team 111

We’re screwed!:frowning:

BTW Great job!


Your animation is very good no doubt (too good but you guys are great - I loved last years stuff) however- how does this demonstrate gracious professionalism?


The competition requires you to create a statement in the opening frame which describes what aspect of FIRST you are trying to convey. This aspect may or may not be about gracious professionalism. If you look closely you will see 103’s aspect statement and animation message fit one another. Thanks for the feedback.

*Originally posted by jalee1011 *
**Your animation is very good no doubt (too good but you guys are great - I loved last years stuff) however- how does this demonstrate gracious professionalism? **

You only get 30 seconds to get your point across. This is the best way to show what FIRST is about. Besides, how many videos have actually shown anything about Gracious Professionalism?

Awesome Job once again team 103! I loved yours last year and you haven’t dissapointed us this year! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

Extremely nice work, i love the textures and the boxes are good too , on the third shot the bar (the one the robot goes under) has a post not connected to the ramp (just floating), how many polygons on theboxes? i tried doing ones that real but they took too much mem so i opted for bumpmapping instead

3102 faces per box
edit mesh from a boolean chamfer box

Thanks for your comments. The bar you say is floating is actually attached to the lexan by a box that is supposed to resemble a mounting plate. Either way, I am not too concerned about it and it is already too late to change anything.


I noticed at the end it says “concept 360 exhibits” and looking at it again it has forklifts like our robot did last year…

…you didn’t mean us right?

Concept 360 Exhibits is the name of a company that donated a pit area display to our team. They are a sponsor.

hehe, it is still really great ! i mean that is so tiny u can’t even notice , on ours I didn’t pay anywhere close to as much attention to detail, anyways u can download ours @

go 2 the bottom and click animation entry

i love that detail

Great work on the animation Team 103!!! Being a rookie team this year, we would’ve had our animation done but our two animators forgot to put in sound, voice overs, music, etc. Plus, they didn’t work on it until half way through build season and they didn’t follow what the team wanted for the story board. They kind of went on how they felt like they wanted it. So therefore, our team has no animation to present. Oh well. There’s always next year for us. But after seeing your animation, well, yours would’ve beaten ours anyway. See you at Nats this year.