Cybersonics Team 103 Robot Reveal 2017

Introducing “Jimothy Thunder” our 21st robot! Please let us know if you have any questions. :slight_smile:

Amazing job 103!

I love your team’s media content, I’ve been following your videos for a while. I must say that your production on the video was quite good. It’s almost unbearable watching other team’s reveal videos!

Look forward to seeing your team this weekend, good luck!

Swerve, that’s a different look for 103! Very cool! Can’t wait to take a look at it this year. Did you guys make the modules in house?

Oh man, I wish! Nearly everything is manufactured in house, but those are the AndyMark Swerve & Steer modules. We wanted the robot assembled by the end of week 2 this year, and programming itself would already be enough of a challenge, so we decided on a COTS solution for swerve drive modules.

We purchased a set to test and practice programming during the off season but never got around to doing so. Nevertheless, it was still an option for competition, and one we ended up taking (they even came out with a newer version just this season!). Maybe we’ll make our own next year :ahh:

Wow, amazing job guys! Watching this robot on webcasts at Hatboro-Horsham this weekend was just magic. Y’all glided wherever you wanted to go. Massive props to your programmers and drivers for getting the most out of a very effective machine. I can’t wait to see what 103 does for the rest of the season!