CYD Rankings & Predictions - Detroit Champs

But you have to count that, right?

Even without that insane top-tier auto challenge, there were some robots that really inspired me.

2826 Wave was my favorite. Not a mousetrap, it was a masterpiece of automation. Like the coolest factory equipment you see on How It’s Made.

987 was another that captured the imagination. And 2054 showed that the non-grabbing auto challenge could be achieved pretty early on.

But of course I am a geek who loves automation, manufacturing, and elegant design. From the viewpoint of a more general audience, RR was exactly as exciting as watching people load trucks at a distribution center. Spiced up by noodle-throwers trying to trip them.


Nicely put! A good match is like watching a well oiled machine do it’s thing… that was it.


I didn’t say hardest, I said best. The design envelope they afforded teams in 2015 led to some truly innovative and incredible engineering feats.


I’m sad that we might never see creative solutions on the order of Batman & Robin again.


Recycle Rush allowed for a level of thinking outside the box that we’ve never seen before or since. Batman and Robin, Wave’s 28-point autonomous, loading ramps such as the ones used by the Cheesy Poofs, ridiculously fast can grabbers such as Citrus Circuits – all of that took some amazing engineering both during the build season and iterated through the competition season.

That being said, Lunacy was the best game of all time - don’t @ me.


I’m very excited to see Archimedes and Tesla divisions. I think it will be these two who’ll stand last at Einstein.

I always say, if you look at RR for individual performances it’s one of the best games ever; but if you look at it as a 3v3 FRC game, it’s in the bottom 3.

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I would agree with that part.

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