CYD Rankings & Predictions - Houston

Welcome to Houston. Hopefully we can actually see what happens in Einstein finals this year.

Chairman’s Award:

1902 - Exploding Bacon

Chairman’s Award Finalists:

2557 - SOTAbots

1868 - Space Cookies

Carver Division

  1. 1678 - Citrus Circuits
  2. 330 - The Beach Bots
  3. 118 - Robonauts
  4. 4911 - who?
  5. 1746 - OTTO
  6. 3309 - Friarbots
  7. 2990 - Hotwire
  8. 7179 - Crossfire
  9. 364 - Team Fusion
  10. 687 - The Nerd Herd

There’s a lot of firepower in this division, but the top seed will be taken by the teams that can work around defense the best. We predict that to be 1678, and we think they’ll take the top seed. Their pick really depends on numbers and what they value - 118 is fantastic at avoiding defense, but if they’re caught, they struggle a bit and can get slowed down. On the other hand, 330 isn’t as agile, but can more reliably push through a strong defender. There is upset potential in this division, and we saw 1678 struggle a bit at Aerospace Valley. A combination of any of the other teams listed on this top 10 could very well take the division with coordinated driving and strong play. If anyone will pull an upset, we think it will be one (or two) of 4911, 1746, or 7179. In the end, we think 1678s Einstein streak will continue, and it could go either way if it’s with 330 or 118.

Galileo Division

  1. 971 - Spartan Robotics
  2. 179 - Children of the Swamp
  3. 2468 - Team Appreciate
  4. 4414 - HighTide
  5. 2974 - Walton Robotics
  6. 1538 - Holy Cows
  7. 2478 - Westwood Robotics
  8. 1102 - M’Aiken Magic
  9. 6800 - Viperbots Valor
  10. 1986 - Team Titanium

Here we find arguably the deepest division in Houston, Galileo. This division is a toss-up, and really, anyone can win it. The playoff bracket will be crazy, and anyone can come out on top with a good third. 6800, who we’ve ranked at 9th, was putting up over 100 points with their 8th seed alliance at Texas DCMP.

The division will be won by a clean execution of a strong strategy. There are definitely enough robots here to get a strong defender or strong offensive third for every alliance, so we should be able to see teams play what they want to play, unrestricted from a poor division draw.

Noticeably, a lot of the top robots here struggle under defense, which makes us think that most alliances will opt for a defensive third. Undefended, 971 and 179 appear to have the most firepower, followed up by teams like 4414 or 2974. Many of these teams have yet to prove themselves on the worldwide stage (aside from 971 and 1538), so we’re giving an edge to those that have. We predict 971 and 179 to come out of the division swinging for an Einstein win, but we think the potential for an upset is very high.

Hopper Division

  1. 3476 - Code Orange
  2. 2046 - Bear Metal
  3. 2122 - Team Tators
  4. 4910 - East Cobb Robotics
  5. 3663 - CPR
  6. 1072 - Harker Robotics
  7. 832 - Oscar
  8. 2976 - Spartabots
  9. 4020 - Cyber Tribe
  10. 59 - RamTech

Hopper may look weaker than some of the other divisions heading to Houston, but don’t be fooled by it’s lack of big name recognition. New teams to the spotlight look to take control of the Hopper division and make a deep run in Einstein. 3476 will be looking to lead the way to a second consecutive Einstein appearance, and a 5th division win. We predict they will select the Pacific Northwest District Champion 2046, and do battle in the division finals with Einstein regular 2122, and PCH champ 4910.

Newton Division

  1. 1323 - MadTown Robotics
  2. 973 - Greybots
  3. 2910 - Jack in the Bot
  4. 842 - Falcon Robotics
  5. 5499 - The Bay Orangutans
  6. 624 - CRyptonite
  7. 3005 - RoboChargers
  8. 2073 - EagleForce
  9. 4265 - Secret City Robotics
  10. 5026 - Iron Panthers

1323 here at #1 is something you all saw coming, but you’re likely wondering about 973 vs 2910. Realistically, we think either 973 or 2910 could be the first overall pick of the division, and either one could rather easily coast their way out of the division or even to an Einstein victory. That said, we think that 1323-973 will be a more enticing combo to MadTown, granted that they would have an easier strategy to execute compared to playing with a low robot. Both 973 and 2910 can fit alongside another robot on HAB 3, and both have ridiculously fast climbs, so we’re giving the edge to 973 due to their higher ceiling. While 2910 has put up some rather insane cycle counts, their inability to fill a rocket will limit their quals ranking, and will force their alliance captain (or first pick) to play a rather specific strategy around them. We expect smart teams to plan accordingly.

All that being said, there is no automatic win for 1323 here. The others in this top 10 have all shown moments of brilliance, and 5026 brings a massive wildcard with their triple climb, even if they aren’t comparable to the others in terms of cycling ability. 3005 and 2073 would be a terrifying combo to play against, and we think a team like 4265 could easily fall to be their third. That is an alliance that nobody will want to play against, and we think a triple offensive alliance could overcome the points output by 1323 and their partner.

However, 1323 has a really incredible machine this year. We predict 1323 and 973 to take home the division win, but they may drop a match in the process.

Roebling Division

  1. 148 - Robowranglers
  2. 3847 - Spectrum -△◅
  3. 5190 - Green Hope Falcons
  4. 3647 - Millenium Falcons
  5. 359 - Hawaiian Kids
  6. 294 - Beach Cities Robotics
  7. 1410 - The Kraken
  8. 1533 - Triple Strange
  9. 7498 - Wingus & Dingus
  10. 2655 - The Flying Platypi

Yeehaw :cowboy_hat_face:. Texas is taking this one. We think 148 will take the #1 seed, and their pick will be mostly unaffected by who can climb. Since they can fit with just about anyone on HAB 3, it doesn’t really matter who their first round pick is, since they can likely grab a HAB 3 for a third. That said, if anyone is working on a suction climb, we may see 148 and that team try to go for the triple HAB 3.

3847 comes in with some really stellar driving and offensive play, and we think 148 will be plenty okay with playing with their Texas friends. 148 and 3847 are the only teams that noticeably stand out under defense, so we expect their third to be a strong defender that can shut down the other offensive powerhouses in the division.

Turing Division

  1. 1619 - Up-A-Creek Robotics
  2. 3310 - Black Hawk Robotics
  3. 5012 - Gryffingear
  4. 254 - The Cheesy Poofs
  5. 4451 - ROBOTZ Garage
  6. 5199 - Robot Dolphins From Outer Space
  7. 649 - M-SET Fish
  8. 2930 - Sonic Squirrels
  9. 3284 - Camdenton LASER
  10. 2403 - Plasma Robotics

Yes, you read that right. It’s difficult to say 254 won’t be the best, but 1619, 3310, and 5012 have some really incredible cycling power that they bring to the table. We know 254 will be coming in with some practice and some robot upgrades, but we aren’t convinced it will bring their scoring output up to the level of the 3 above them.

You might as well call this one the Climb Division, since we think each of the top 2 alliances could come out with triple HAB 3 climbs, despite the lack of 1678 or 5026 in the division. Climb chicken will be the name of the game in finals, and each alliance will be gunning to squeeze out a couple extra cycles before going to climb. Expect the finals here to be the best division finals in Houston, provided that the top 4 here are all there. Each of 1619, 3310, and 254 have rather comfortable preliminary schedules, and unfortunately, 5012’s preliminary schedule is not kind. We predict 1619 to take the first seed and pick 3310. We think 254 will be the #2 captain and go with 5012.

That said, it’s hard to pass up on the Poofs. 1619 picking 254 would not be ridiculous, and it could be a division winning alliance just as easily as 1619-3310. Expect all 4 of the top teams to be looking for a third robot with a HAB 3 climb, so if you’re in Turing, make sure that climb is working.

The Real Houston FRC Top 25

  1. 1323 - MadTown Robotics
  2. 148 - Robowranglers
  3. 1678 - Citrus Circuits
  4. 1619 - Up-A-Creek Robotics
  5. 3310 - Black Hawk Robotics
  6. 3476 - Code Orange
  7. 973 - Greybots
  8. 2046 - Bear Metal
  9. 2910 - Jack in the Bot
  10. 330 - The Beach Bots
  11. 3847 - Spectrum -△◅
  12. 971 - Spartan Robotics
  13. 5012 - Gryffingear
  14. 118 - Robonauts
  15. 254 - The Cheesy Poofs
  16. 179 - Children of the Swamp
  17. 2468 - Team Appreciate
  18. 4451 - ROBOTZ Garage
  19. 4414 - HighTide
  20. 842 - Falcon Robotics
  21. 2974 - Walton Robotics
  22. 5499 - The Bay Orangutans
  23. 4911 - CyberKnights
  24. 1746 - OTTO
  25. 5190 - Green Hope Falcons



As much as I adore 2910s robot, it still lacks the ability to solo a rocket, and potentially limits an alliance’s scoring capabilities. If you’re betting, 973 is probably the safer bet to go with 1323 on Saturday. None of the teams in the top 10 are slouchers and this weekend will be crazy to see who comes out on top.

Soloing rockets doesn’t matter in the playoffs.


2910: 17 game pieces attempted, 16 completed.
1323: 17 game pieces attempted, 16 completed.
1323+2910: 13 second double climb.


But 2910 can’t score high. :wink:


Matters for ranking. If 1323 is seeded one, 973 is seeded two, 2910 is seeded six, and some nobody is seeded three I’d take 973 no matter how good 2910 is.

973 + good team can beat you in div finals but 2910 + nobody would have a much tougher time. Its that difference of picking to go to einstein or picking to have a better shot at winning einstein.

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I disagree. If the ability to do a solo rocket was going to hold them back, we would have seen it at the more competitive PNWDCMP imo. I suppose time will tell, but I just can’t see the scouting machine of 2910 being overlooked.


The field is deeper at a DCMP, hence the quality of the second and third ranked team is going to be higher. 4488 and 4911 were both very capable robots, hence 2046 had to pick to build the strongest alliance, rather than to game the alliance selection process (so to speak).

For the record, my money is on 1323 first picking 2910, but 2910 is not even close to being the Obviously Correct Pick yet.

Many robots are capable of this in a practice match. We’ve personally seen multiple robots do it.

Given that 1323 and 2910 have a grand total of one or two strategies they can execute together, we don’t think it requires that many strategic gymnastics to figure out a way to beat them.

That said, 1323-2910 can win Einstein together. We’re not saying they can’t. We just think 973 would too.


That’s playing “Not To Lose” the division. These teams are playing to win Einstein.


Its maybe a 95% chance at winning the division with 2910 versus a 99% chance of winning with 973. Look at Newton last year. 3310 risked picking 118 because they thought it gave them a better shot at taking Einstein, but it ultimately meant that they’d lose Newton.

IMO these situations are completely different. Last year, it was actually pretty unclear which robot (118 or 1678) was stronger. This year in Newton, 2910 is undoubtedly the second best robot and significantly stronger than 973.

Also, I’d take the 95% chance at winning over the 99% anytime, as long as it means that I have much higher of a shot at winning Einsteins.


One practice match doesn’t make a team “undoubtedly the second best robot.” I’ve watched 2910 at all of their events so far and while they’re great, they aren’t that much better than 973.

That’s not even the point of my post. There are valid situations where 1323 would pick 973 and valid situations where 1323 would pick 2910.

2910 is a top five robot in the world and CYD ranked them effectively 17th in the world.


Actually, I’ve watched quite a bit of both robots throughout the entire season. My main takeaways were that 973 is not rocket capable, and is better off doing level 2 and then level 1 cycles. Also, when they do that routine, it generally ends with them finishing levels 1 and 2, and then placing 3-4, maybe 5 cargo or hatches on their side of the cargo ship. Never have I seen them exceed that cycle count. Meanwhile, 2910 has proven themselves multiple times throughout the season to be able to do 14+ cycles, so their ceiling is much higher than 973’s.

That being said, if there was another team in Newton that has proven themselves to be rocket capable (148, 3310, 1619 - you can even throw in teams like 4414, 3476, 3647), then there would be a more difficult debate on who 1323 would pick. But, when we’re comparing two robots that are not capable of rockets, then 2910 is clearly a better/faster robot.


you guys can argue who picks who all day, but if 1323 doesnt seed first, will it matter?


Citation required on both counts.

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Both image uploads defend 2910 being a top five team in the world. As would almost any other metric (such as % of matches where 12+ game pieces are scored) except solo rocket completions.

CYD ranks them 9th, Houston is more top-heavy than Detroit, therefore they are (approximately) ranked 17th by CYD.