Cylinder limit size?

So does this mean we can’t use anything larger than a 2" cylinder?


Strong - Teams have the option of using a small 0.75” bore cylinder at 20psi, a medium cylinder
at 1.5”, or a large 2” cylinder. By varying the pressure to the cylinders, you can produce a force
from 9 pounds up to 180 pounds, depending on your needs.

The stroke size of one we want to use is like 23", is there a limit on 2" diameter stroke size?

No. This was just a hypothetical. Please refer to the manual.

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I have checked the manual, it doesn’t seem to say limits on diameters and strokes- just pressure.

Pay particular attention to R3, R75, R76. There’s no limit on cylinder size per-se, but it does have to fit into your robot’s starting configuration, be appropriately rated, and in original condition.

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The only rules limits on the size of the cylinder is that it has to stay within the robot size limits.

That said, large cylinders will use a LOT of air, and that means a lot of your battery. They will also move relatively slowly because of the port size limits on the legal solenoid valves, and the speed of the regulator if the tank is on the high-pressure side of the regulator. If you have many, or large, cylinders, look at oversize tanks and a compressor with a much better duty cycle than the standard 7% one that comes in the KoP.


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