Cypress / LED / LabVIEW - it works - right?

Our team transitioned to LabVIEW this year. Last year, it was C++. Last year’s team used the Cypress board for the first time and had LEDs light up. This year - it’s a mystery. Right now, we are using a Cypress board to do analog inputs, digital inputs and digital outputs. We can do the AI and DI just fine. For some reason, they are all stumped lighting up LED’s (Digital Outputs).

QUESTION: I’m not versed in LabVIEW yet so just wondering… is anyone programming LabVIEW, using the Cypress board and successfully lighting up an LED? If so, can you clue me in a direction to take because the full team (five kids) shrugged thier collective sholdures at me.

Background: We’ve been working with the Cypress boards from last year and as mentioned, all the inputs work great. We have a 2nd Cypress board with LED’s in it and when it’s powered up by the USB (no programming), the LED’s do light up. But, when controlled by LabVIEW… not so much.
Lastly, the firmware version installed on both Cypress units is: FRC_IO.v2.hex

If, on the IO tab of the driver station, in the configuration box, the cypress is set to “compatibility” mode, the onboard LEDs turn on at the same time as digital outputs 0-7. If it is in the enhanced mode, they’re configurable separately.

For compatibility mode, it is WPI Robotics Library -> DriverStation -> Compatibility IO -> Set Digital

For enhanced mode, it is WPI Robotics Library -> DriverStation -> Enhanced IO -> Set Enhanced

Wire them with an array.

If the board’s button is pressed before it recognizes the Driver Station, the LEDs display the version number of the software. Are you saying that the LEDs turn on when the driver station says no robot code, or when there is no driver station, or what?

Last year - In our setup, we used the Classmate’s IO page to show that the Cypress was plugged in and then I haven’t bothered to look at the values once we had things working.

If you could confirms something for me - you indicated that if the cypress is set on the classmate to ‘compatibility’ mode, then, if our team causes a DO (digital output) to be “on”/“high”/etc. - that the classmate’s corresponding DO will be lighted? If so, that’s a great diagnostic item. For us, when I say an LED turns on or off, I’m speaking of LEDs that we wire up to the Cypress Carrier Board (from I remember last year that we wired them up wrong and then corrected it. So, I’ll check that as well.

For your last question, I need to revisit the students with the information provided in this thread because I can’t answer you as to how/why the LEDs are not working the way we intended. I’ll get more information tonight and post again.

I can tell you though that for all the INPUTS (analog and digital) - the Cypress unit works fine. So, I think it’s our collective lack of knowledge that is hurting us in regards to the LEDs.

Yes. In both modes, the light on the dashboard will light up. In compatibility mode, one of the eight LEDs on the cypress itself will turn on also.

You can also see the value of your inputs (both analog and digital) in the IO screen. In compatibility mode, you can even set them!