Cypress Outputs not setting

We are trying to use a cypress card to set some LEDs on our driver station. We have tried various systems for getting the outputs to set (everything from having a direct control into the outputs to copying last year’s code). We are using an enhanced IO module with 9 digital inputs and 7 digital outputs.
We can receive the digital inputs from the cypress and set the 8 LEDs on the cypress card, so it is not connectivity with the card itself

As we run the Get Enhanced Digital Outputs and Set Enhanced Digital Outputs, we occasionally get an error in LabVIEW (-44006 I believe, but I haven’t been able to reproduce it for awhile)

One time a few days ago, the LEDs we wanted to set would flash as we set the output ports, and that is the only time we have gotten them to work.

We know the error is not wiring because the outputs do not show in the Get Enhanced Digital Outputs VI

Any ideas?

If the PSoC is being used in compatibility mode, the LEDs and outputs are updated together. If you switch to enhanced, go through the channels and make any config changes you want, switch to enhanced, and they in disabled mode or something easy to get to, pulse the LEDs as a test. If you switch over to the enhanced I/O mode, completely switch over. Don’t use a combination of compatible and enhanced.

Greg McKaskle