Cypress smoke anyone?

While I was at work, two of the students at Fusion were working with our Cypress board. Apparently they just connected the 9V battery, the one provided with our box, and it let out the magic smoke.

We’ve noticed since we started working with it that the big chip, the actual Cypress chip, would get very warm, even uncomfortable to touch. Is that normal?

The magic smoke came out of the 3.3V voltage regulator right behind the jumper. It looks pretty fried. No lights or anything else come on with the battery or USB now.

If anyone is curious, here is the voltage regulator’s datasheet:

I cannot find the part on Digikey or Mouser.


Can someone with one handy tell me the manufacturer of the voltage regulator. That part of the chip is kind of burnt.

If anyone is curious, it was on Digikey.

Any 3.3v regulator will work, so just find one that fits.

Make sure the pinouts are the same, though.