My team is having some trouble with digtal output on the cyprus. We are trying to turn LEDs on and off, but we are not being sucessful with this.

If anyone has some useful advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

It’s really hard to have ideas when we have no information to work with. You should describe both your wiring on the cypress side and your code on the robot side.

What we are asking for is some example code for using LEDs. We will be able to adjust the code to fit our wiring, but we have tried using all of the Digital Outs and none of them seem to work.

If anyone has any advice on using external LEDs with the Cypress, it will be greatly appreciated if you would post them.

Attach it via USB to your classmate.

go to WPI library > driver staion > compatibility IO > Set Digital Output

Create constant on the input, an array comes up. Expand to have 8 booleans, and set them as you want. That should light up the LEDs on the Cypress and the external LEDs if you attached them with resistors.

The thing is, our Cypress is connected and we can get input from it…our LEDs just don’t seem to change no matter what we do.

We made a program that went through each input and set it to its opposite value and nothing happened. We tried the code with the built-in LEDs and it worked though.

I guess it might be a wiring issue…

Probable a wiring issue, as Joe said, show us how you wires it and show us your code and we can be much more helpful.