D.A.R.T. #1284 Website

We are still under heavy construction at this point, but I wanted to hear some opinions on the DART website. We are trying to pull off a professional looking site, but with enough movement and pictures to look fun, if that makes any since. Feedback would be wonderful, and we’re always open to crtique.

D.A.R.T.'s Website

We won the Webstie Excellent Award in 2005, and we hope to win it again this year!

The scrolling sponsors thing is a bit messed up on my browser (Firefox 1.5 on Mac OS X). For a very long time it covers up some of the options on the poll, parts of the text in the footer of the page and anything else in that column below the heading Sponsors. After a significant wait it’ll do what it’s supposed to do, though (and stop covering up the other text).

Great work on the site, it looks pretty cool. However, I get the same error that Timothy D. Ginn talked about (I use Firefox 1.5 as well, but on Windows XP). Other than that, it’s looking good, and I’d definitely love to see how the Media Gallery turns out.

Thanks guys for the compliments! I don’t use Firefox, so I have no clue why it is doing that. I’ll look at the code tonight and see if I can fix it for ya’ll.