D&D program.

I am using the Bloodshed Dev-C++.

I have tried and tried, but I cannot make a successful program that assembles a characters stats. The rand() doesn’t seem to work for me.

The program was *supposed * to get the user to type in the Cha, Dex, Str, etc,. and then set them up so that it displayed the stats that came with each (+1, +2, Nil, etc,.)

I also tried to put in rand(), so that the user would just have to run the program.

All I have left of it is the headers, the int Dex, Str, Int, Cha, Con, Wis;, and the lines in which the program asks the user for the numbers.
I have looked through the C++ books that I have (useless), and since my computer (that I have the progam on) is not connected to the internet, and my school compy (the one I am on now) won’t let me view the pages that have the info on it.

You may be able to find some specific help if you private message or email someone who posts fequently in the programming forum.