Self-explanatory, this is a topic for help with Dungeons and Dragons, a role-playing adventure game where your decisions are decided by the luck of a dice roll.

Perfect timing. Our party found an armory and we get to pick two Uncommon magical items that we’ve found, one weapon and one “other.” I’m a level 2 bard and the item doesn’t necessarily need to be official. Any fun suggestions?

Any uncommon magic item? If you’re looking for maximizing actions/attacks per round, I think the Bag of Tricks is a lot more powerful than the average “uncommon” item since it’s repeatable creature summoning, especially at early levels. And the Broom of Flying I would think is rather overpowered for second level characters as well, just because flying can be really powerful. If you’re not all hack-and-slash and doing a bit of intrigue, the Hat of Disguise offers a lot of possibilities.

In general if I were DM I wouldn’t leave it quite so open-ended as to just give anything of a given “rarity” (just because rarity is a really rough guideline), but of course it’s good to hear suggestions for what kinds of items the players/characters might want. But then again, you asked for a “fun” suggestion, which makes me think of the classic “joke” items like the Invisibility Ring (no, it doesn’t make you invisible or anything, it’s just a ring that’s invisible) or the Boots of Fire Resistance (again it doesn’t help you against fire, just the boots themselves)…

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Since it is a party thing I would go with an item that the group can use not just one person.
The Immovable Rod can be game breaking if used intelligently
Bag of Holding, if your dm keeps track of encumbrance or you are traveling a lot

For the weapon:
Weapon of Warning is very helpful to the party, it stops people on watch from needing to alert the rest of the party. It also prevents surprise for everyone around the weapon.

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