D-Link 1522 Issue Need Help Please

The team is trying to setup our router for wireless control. We goto the D-Link page with the address to change the settings, we get all the way to setting the Network Settings and saving it, then the page crashes it happens everytime. What are we doing wrong?

If you’re having problems, you may want to switch to using Internet Explorer while changing these settings.

Also, remember that when you change the device’s IP address and save those settings, you will need to put that new address into the browser in order to get back to the settings page.

If these don’t work, some clarification on exactly what you see when you say the page crashes would be helpful.

You will also have to change the computer’s network settings in order to be compatible with the new address. To reach the router at, your computer should be at (the last number can vary, based on whether you’re using the Driver Station computer or not).