D-Link AP API or bridge configuration utility source

We will be hosting a scrimmage in our area in a few weeks and I am interested in creating a utility similar to the FRC Bridge Configuration Utility. I would like to set up a station where teams can have their radios configured must like we do at competitions. I need to configure the radios differently than the FRC Bridge Configuration Utility does.

I’ve searched around and cannot find any publicly available API documentation for the D-Link bridge. I ran the utility and captured the traffic using Wireshark and can see the PHP calls being made but I have no way of knowing what all of the available parameters are.

Does anybody know where I can obtain the D-Link API documentation? If there is no such thing or if it isn’t available, is it possible to get the source code for the FRC Bridge Configuration Utility?

Any guidance or information would be greatly appreciated!

My guess as to how that tool works (you can use wireshark to verify this) is it makes http requests (GET, POST etc…) to change configuration settings. I don’t think there is an actual API.

  • Oliver


My wireshark trace shows that the tool does in fact use http GET and POST. I suppose I could just capture a wireshark session while I make the changes I need to make which should allow me to figure out the PHP call parameters. I was hoping for something a bit more “scientific” but as you said, a real API probably does not exist.


  • mike

Sounds like a solid plan. If you want to release the source code once you write it I’m sure plenty of people here on delphi would appreciate it!

  • Oliver