D-Link issues

So our team is setting up our d-link.We have encounter a issue with the D-link connecting to our cRio. We have followed the instructions given to us in the “Getting started” and use the bridge configuration to set it up. Our cRio is not the problem.

You didn’t say what the “issue” is.

Our problem is getting our D-Link to connect to our cRio.

You’ve got to be more specific.

What have you tried? Is the router otherwise functional (can you connect to it normally - as in a regular wifi connection)? Is it giving you an error code? Are the lights flashing orange? When you try to deploy code, what is the failure message? Can you verify that everything works with last year’s router?

etc. etc.

The lights are all the normal on the D-Link. When we try to deploy code it fails when it tries to connect to the cRio. We try pinging the cRio and get no response. If need more information just tell me what you need.

When you deploy code is the driver station program running? Try it again with the driverstation exited. No need to fully shut down the computer.

Investigate systematically.

Start by connecting your laptop directly to the cRIO via Ethernet cable.
That’ll make sure there isn’t a problem on the laptop or cRIO end.

Second try connecting both your laptop and the cRIO to the DLink with an Ethernet cable. The DLink doesn’t take any setup to make that work.

Once that works, then try a wireless connection between the laptop and the DLink. That will isolate the problem to the wireless settings.