D-Link off 5V 500ma???

I know the D-links have a 1.4 amp max draw, but that is with the wifi turned on.

If we turn off the wifi, any thoughts on whether we can power it from the 5v 500 ma connection on the VRM?

The Camera will be on the 5V 2A (1.5A continuous) connection.

Educated guess here. Will you be doing this to use the Switch functionality of the D-Link?
If so, you may want to pick up one of these switches.
They run off of 5v and cost less than $10.

As far as your original question, I would not suggest it.
As an RI and FTAA this year, I would have hard time approving it.

R57 One (1) OpenMesh Wireless Bridge (P/N: OM5P-AN), that has been configured with the appropriate

encryption key for your team number at each event, is the only permitted device for communicating

to and from the ROBOT during the MATCH.

*The D-Link DAP1522 radio distributed from 2011-2015 is not legal for

2016 FIRST Robotics Competition Competition.*

Q817 indicates that you can use the D-Link as a switch.


The manufacturer says this needs 5V at 600mA.
Just mentioning that.

Hmm… might give the VRM fits. If we are only using 1.3 amps off the 2 amp circuit, can we draw extra off the 500ma circuit?

Thanks, good spec to keep track of.

Sorry, no. The VRM’s 500 ma outputs are designed to limit the current.