D-Link set up

so i was setting up the wireless new d-link router and following these instructions:


and we got to the part about going to the wireless tab

we click on the wrieless network settings and we get a blank screen

anyone got any suggestions?

and yes we tried restarting it multiple times

When you restarted it, did you turn it on or off or refresh?
Did you save any settings before hand?

If you already changed your IP, you will need to connect to 10.xx.yy.1 not the default.
xx being the first two numbers of your team number, yy being the last.

you were supposed to reset it not restart it

You HAVE to use internet explorer like in the manual. We had the same problem with Firefox, we thought about how some websites don’t load in certain browsers so on a whim we switched to internet explorer and everything loaded.

I’d try opening the page from another computer if possible.
Thats interesting, that firefox doesn’t work. I used chrome and it worked fine

im using chrome and i got nothing

Make sure you have it switched to Bridge, I found that the switch can set sometimes in between two settings and pages load funny