D-link solid red light

When we wired in the Dlink it shows a blue light then very quickly flashes to red and stays a solid red. We tried the same thing with our dlink from last season and it did the same thing. It is wired into the 12-v / 5-v convertor. The convertor is wired into the 12v pdb. It is not the polarities because we tried switching both ways. Our voltmeter also reads 5.0 volts for what is coming out of the convertor. Also, it seems other teams are having this problem. Anyone have any ideas?

Which status light is red?
Is the converter wired to the dedicated power supply?
What mode is it set to (AP, bridge, router)?

I’ve never heard of a team having an issue with a red light - is it red or amber?

The power light for the D-Link will light up to a light blue for about one second, then the power light will turn red. We have the D-Link is set to “AP 2.4 GHz” mode. duffany1 was having the same problem we are, but that thread did not help us.

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