I am trying to configure our D-Link Radio so that my team could connect to the robot using a linksys router. However, I am not able to configure it. Any help appreciated.

Have you tried looking at starting on page 29.

Unless the router can be configured as a wireless bridge to connect to an existing wireless network, you’ll need to do things in the other direction. Instead of trying to make the Linksys connect to the robot, you have to make the robot connect to the Linksys.

The D-Link DAP on the robot can be switched to “Bridge” mode, and configured to seek out and connect to the Linksys by its SSID. The Getting Started document has information on doing it this way.

Why do you want to use a separate router?

Set the switch on the back of the DAP-1522 on your robot to “AP.” If set up correctly, the D-Link will broadcast your team’s SSID and you can connect directly to the robot from your Driver’s Station without any extra router. Remember that when you go to competition that switch will need to be set to “Bridge.”

You only need to use the black Linksys router if you are running one of your old robots that still uses the square black Linksys Gaming Adapter. Check out this document starting on page 44.

If you plan on running multiple robots, I suggest that you set your current year’s robot to your team number, and previous robots to different team numbers to prevent wireless interference. We have our 2012 robot set as 1610, but our 2011 robot is team 2011 and our 2010 robot is team 2010. Setting the routers/bridges on a different channel will also help prevent interference.