#d model of the robot base

This is my first year at trying animation and the only one on the team right now that is doing it due to lack of funds in buying a laptop. Anyways, I was wondering if any of you out there made the robbot base in 3d max? The one i want looks exactly like the one in the video on how to build the chassis. I wouldn’t know how to go about exactly making all the stuff for it because I am still learning the software. Also, I didn’t really see any tutorials in the max 7 book on environment. I was wondering if anyone could show me how to do that too.

Well, the Inventor Tutorials are very helpful for first time users. We did create the chassis on inventor that came from the video (the kit bot) but the steps are kind of numerous and hard to explain. Besides, this is the first year that we tried Inventor and after the tutorials, we got through by experimenting.

The only problem is that I am low on time and I might just make in on 3d max, but I was wondering if anyone had the base up for download.