Da Vinci Field?

So according to this it would seem that a new division has come up quietly. Pardon my being a novice if this is some sort of in-joke, but what is this?

IIRC, DaVinci is the FTC main playing field. I think it’s FTC’s equivalent of Einstein.

  • Sunny G.

Da Vinci is where FTC plays.

I thought they also had a field called Edison? Why isn’t that up there with the other divisions?

The 2014 FRC A-Z Guide also still references 4 divisions. Sorry folks.

If you look at the way the dome floor is set up, each big black curtain is a ‘playing field’. So the way I interpret it, the section that covers the FTC field(s) as they play through their tournament is Da Vinci.

The DaVinci name predates FTC having divisions. (It was named when it was still FIRST Vex Challenge, if you want to feel old.) The two divisions are Franklin and Edison.

DaVinci is only the field/division for the FTC finals.

Each FTC division (Franklin and Edison) has two fields in the main arena. When it comes to the finals just like in FRC we have a finals field/division known as DaVinci.

the real question is why is there no Tesla Field!

If I’m not wrong that is a field for FLL.

Edison wins again :frowning:

The Northeast FTC Super-regional had two fields - Tesla and Hopper. They were picked partially because of the regional connection.

No, FLL doesn’t have a designated “field name”, FLL uses Einstein’s field space but doesn’t give it any additional creds.