Daisy Chaining Sparks Motor Controllers

To all those rookies out there who don’t know what they are doing just like us, we got your back to figure out how to wire and code sparks motor controllers. We had a hard time trying to figure it out but now we got it. I’ll be talking about how to wire it here.
The wiring is very simple:
Connect every motor controller together with the pwm cables provided, there will be 2 motor controllers with one free pwm cable (on e will be male and the other female). You should then use pwm extension cables and connect one to each. Then strip one end of each cable. connect the female end to the CAN on the PDP and then the male cable to the roboRio. Thats it, you’re done with wiring the motorcontrollers.

Are you talking about Sparks or Spark Max. This will only work with CAN, which original sparks do not have