Dallas Area - Mentor Looking for a Team

I’ve recently relocated from NJ (MAR) to Lewisville, TX and I’m looking for a new team(s) to work with. I’m a recent WFFA (2015) winner from the MAR region. I’m also a former MAR Board member as well.

I was the electrical, software and control systems mentor from Team 1089, Mercury over the last 14 years. While that was my primary role, I was always involved in the overall design as well as machine construction.

I’ve been a Robot Inspector at MAR Championships and in St. Louis. I’ve been trained to be a CSA, but have never volunteered in that role, although I help out the CSA’s whenever they need it.

I’m looking forward to exploring all the new and wondrous possibilities that await.

FIRST provides a tool for looking up teams within a certain mile radius of a zipcode. I went ahead and did a search for some teams near zipcode 75029. Here are the results from that search. I think FIRST’s page for each team should give you a lead mentor’s contact info, so you can get into touch with them.

Best of luck on your search for a team!