Dallas regional 2010

If you are going to the Dallas regional could you please post a picture of your robot and some information about it.:slight_smile:

thank you,


Ours is 8 wheel drive with a pneumatic kicker.
You can see a video of it here!

Ours is posted. Can’t wait to come and play with 148, 418, and 704 again.


Here is Team 2016 robot! See you at the regional!

FRC418, LASA Robotics (The “Purple Haze”) presents PHardos.


The primary drive system on PHardos is Mecanum, but we’ve added pneumatically-actuated drop-down center wheels that provide plenty of power when you need it most. Our “ball magnet” is composed of a spinning roller covered with super-grip cloth, and can spin in either direction (can pull balls backwards and also push them forwards for herding multiple balls). Hanger consists of a hook (not on robot in picture) powered by a tape measure (yes, you heard it right, a super incredibly strong tape measure that puts the hook into place) and a winch that pulls the robot to height. The kicker is a pneumatically actuated paddle with elastic-force assist (the elastic provides the kicking power, a pneumatic pulls the elastic and also provides the fire mechanism).

Can’t wait to see you all at Dallas!


Team 1421 will be there! We were part of the winning alliance at the Bayou Regional last night! Wow, what an exciting finish for us!

Our bot has fork-lift style steering with a hybrid pneumatic-tygon tubing kicking mechanism. Also, we have excellent ball handling, autonomous scoring and, ramp climbing capabilities.

Can’t wait to see you there!

MJ Miller,
Mentor and Control System Trainer

I heard about those matches, congratulations guys! I can’t wait to actually see you guys in action in Dallas, but will definitely miss you at Lone Star since I see you’re not attending this year (and I’ll secretly be glad you’re not there, too). :wink:


1108 is anxious to head south! Bus departs 5AM wednesday! :eek: Our bot, Scherman, is pictured on our website, pantherrobotics.com, and I will ask one of the team to post a pic here tomorrow if I can make it into the shop. We are looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones! Come by the pit if you have a free minute. :slight_smile: Yes, I know…what IS a free minute??!

Just got word that 418 passed inspection and is in the queue. How’s everyone else doing?

mock horror 2:30 and they just now passed inspection? Well I hope they’re a little more prompt than that at Lone Star. I’m kinda counting on them and a few other vets to breeze through and leave my afternoon open for all the rookies…

Hi Kevin,
Not sure when they passed, actually.

I’m in Austin and won’t be making the trip. Every so often, I’ll brave contacting them (at the risk of grumbles), to see how they’re doing.

We’ll do our best for you at Lone Star. :slight_smile:


Our “fixit” crew reported helping 35 different teams pass inspection. 148 was out in full force today helping some of the more inexperienced Texas teams hit the ground running.

Everyone is looking forward to tomorrow.


You guys are an inspiration. Can’t wait to watch this weekend, good luck!

Nah, we replaced several systems on our robot (from the 65lb allotment) and got through technical inspection easily in the first try fairly early in the day (it was very simple). We spent most of our time afterwards with bad encryption on our radio (updated with the wrong type of encryption for the event) and we had a lot of trouble connecting with the FMS. After several reboots of our Driver Station PC we got things moving, and we’ve been working through gremlins in the 65lb allotment parts… can’t have our modifications (cake) and use (eat) them (it) too, now can we!!!

Eh, we expect to have a great Friday no matter what! Of course, our head coach Bertucci is sick as a dog in the hotel room, so we’re doing as well as we can with just a code/electronics mentor at the helm (me).


You’ll be fine.
Bertucci isn’t supposed to get sick until - after - the regional. He’s early. :slight_smile: Rock on 418.

Webcast is shut down. Lunch break? Anyone know?

Thank you for the webcast, it is awesome!


I would believe so, it is 1PM and it is a waste of disk space to be recording the powerpoint.

Just went into lunch here.

Rolling along here through the afternoon.

Webcast is on here: http://dallasfirstvideo.com/


148 is truly a beast! It is amazing to watch it in action, standing right next to the field.

Undefeated today, and I don’t see any way to stop them.