Dallas Regional Videos

Here are the first two finals matches of the Dallas regional, i will be posting more of the elimination matches in the following days.

Finals 1:

Finals 2:

Thanks for this! I missed the elims matches except for the last two finals games, and I wanted to see what the average stacker was.

Wow, thanks. A pair of actually exciting Recycle Rush matches :wink:

Here are two more
Quarter Final 4:

Quarter Final 8:

Is that the Robo Wranglers? What’s up with the yellow totes on the field? We had none at Hatboro event week one. Thank you so much for any and all videos. God Bless Mentor Mac

Yes, they start to the lower right on blue. I was on field reset at Hatboro. There were definitely yellow totes but many teams chose to remove them, even more so in playoffs.

Some very impressive robots; thanks for sharing the video!

Absolutely love the 2RC, 3tote auto there, 987!

Did I see 987 take a stack of totes from Robin in QF4 to make a last second stack? That’s the play of the week for me. Incredible.

Yep. They sure did. Our team was like, “did that just happen?” When they did it.

I had a similar reaction, the first time I met THE ARM…:yikes: