Dallas Regional

Does anybody know what happened to the Dallas Regional?

The fact that it’s back to one regional? It’s back to one regional.

It returned to how it was before… Nothing else really changed, just better competition!!! So stoked for it!

Josh, can you provide some info/detail on the “better competition”?

Trying to evaluate the Dallas Regional for possible attendance… THANKS!

I’m thinking that he’s referring to the fact that the field isn’t going to be split so instead of having two fields with half the competitive robots on each. You have one with all the competitive robots.

Hey James! :wink:

You’re probably right.

We’re analyzing 4 regionals for our 2nd pick… leaning towards Dallas at this point… we’d get a month of practice on our new practice field… and maybe get to play with a friend or two…

But, there’s a side of me that’s attracted to the BIG-challenge and something new which for us would be Lone Star…

I’m sure we’ll see you guys at Alamo… would LOVE to play with 1477 if the opportunity is there…

I imagine the final capacity will be around ~65-70 (roughly houston sized). Because the two individual regionals only had ~40 each.

Im interested to see all these teams together again instead of split…

I also love being able to say we’ve never lost a dallas west regional :wink:

They changed venues this year so I don’t think it’s going to get over 40ish teams . It’s capped at 34 right now.

Also Hub City and Razorback will both draw teams away from Dallas. It’s also the same weekend as Bayou. Plus it’s the weekend before Alamo and OKC and some teams don’t like doing back to backs. A lot of factors look to make Dallas a lot smaller than it was last year.

The cap is put in place to reserve spots for rookie teams. There are not many events that would be as low as 40 teams, I suspect that we will be around 50. I think the change also indicates what I have feared; because JCP is in such bad finanical shape, I have been hearing rumors of decresing support for FIRST. This would be extremely problematic to many of the 1st and 2nd year teams in the dallas area that were signifigantly funded by JCP. If this is true, tpotentially 15-20 teams that will not compete in 2013