Dallas Regional

How many of y’all are heading up to the Dallas Regional this March? :]


Click on Dallas regional, then: “What teams are registered for this event?”

What this guy said.

And to answer your question, team 1745 is! See you there!

well thats cool

Time to revive this thread !

Which teams have a shot at challenging 148’s hold on the Dallas Regional? 148 has walked away with Dallas since the regional started.

231, 704 , 2936 , 3310 should have a good showing

Anyone know if a webcast link exists for Dallas (the website looks out of date) ?

Bringing Dallas back together will be fun

Dallas is one of the few regionals that actually archives its own stream, though I don’t have the link handy on my phone. It’s something like dallasfirstvideo dot com or something. They’re really nice HQ videos but can’t be linked individually I don’t think

dallasfirstvideo.com seems to be working for practice matches.

Here is the direct livestream.com link

Its good to see the robowranglers challenged a bit in Dallas !

3310 Black Hawk Down is hitting a 5-shot auto mode, but lost narrowly 64-55 to 148

2936 - Gatorzillas put a pretty good showing against 148 too ! 119-86

The Dallas Webcast is pretty excellent quality and allows rapid playback!

Congrats David Ricks on the well deserved Woodie Flowers Award.

We actually had to play 148 twice (the scheduling system has just been abusing us this year). Second match was a lot closer 80-90. It’s been a pretty competitive competition so far

Also it’s not black hawk “down”. We do get a lot of jokes about that though -____-

Congrats to the Robowranglers, Black Hawk & BearTec!

So does 3802 get a wildcard?

We also had to play 148 twice in a row, back to back actually.

Thanks to our amazing alliance partners, Alliance captains (such an awesome team to win Rookie-All Star) 4641 - Red Oak Robotics, and Team 647 The Cyberwolves!

Congrats to the regional winners 148, 3310, and 4610 the bearteks and 3802’s wildcard! Congrats to the amazing runners up!

Yes 3802 RoboPOP gets a wildcard.

I was really impressed with the level of play at Dallas ! Typically Dallas has been a weak regional, but the numbers showed otherwise this year.

Its a shame that 3802 / 704 lost their partner 4354 (PengWINs) for the finals. They hit the highest score in elims at 154 points.

Congrats to the Gatorzillas 2936 for winning their 2nd consecutive Chairman’s award

Thanks to everyone we had the pleasure of working with at the Dallas regional. The level of play in Dallas continues to grow every year.

Thanks to 148 for picking us. It was great to work with our neighbors to the east for the first time in 4 years. It was a little upsetting we were both never 100% at the same time but we pulled each other through and that’s what’s important. Hopefully we get to work with you in the future. Good luck at SVR

Also thanks to 4610 for being a great 2nd pick. You were a very cooperative new team and you have a lot to look forward too!

Congrats to 2936 on a well deserved chairmans award

Felicitaciones 2283 en Engineering Inspiration.

And congrats to 3802 on your wildcard and first trip to worlds. Glad everything worked out for you. Come by and say hi while you’re there.

Thanks for the kind words. It is a honor to be added to this list off great mentors. Very Humbling.

Thanks to all the staff and volunteers for making the 2013 Dallas regional a great success! The Irving Convention Center is a beautiful, spacious, and accessible location, and I’m looking forward to returning there next year.

Congratulations to 3310 and 148 on a impressive and exciting performance.

Congratulations to David Ricks for such a prestigious honor. While I have not had the pleasure of knowing you personally, I understand that you are very deserving of the Woodie Flowers Award. It’s obvious that your team thinks very highly of you.

Thanks to 704 for lending us a master link when we needed to repair our drivetrain. I wish things had gone a little better for you guys.

Thanks to 1860 and 3355 for contributing to a great alliance. We put up a good fight, and if nothing else, we gave 3310 and 148 some trouble in the semi-finals.

We’re glad we had the opportunity to work with 1860, and we look forward to interacting with you guys in the future! Obrigado!

First off I would like to thank the volunteers and the people that make this regional as great as it is! The switch from the Dallas to the Irving Convention Center was great despite the shortage on seating. This year everything from the regional went smoothly and me and my team were very impressed.

I would like to thank 148 for the honor and unbelievable chance to partner with them for the finals. We will be rooting for you guys at SVR. 4610 you guys played some amazing defense and really made our job a lot easier when it was needed. We truly made a great alliance and overall a heck of a scoring team. Can’t wait to see you all at Champs!

Congrats to 3802 RoboPop on the wildcard win. You guys definitely proved that you deserve that spot.

With the few hiccups we had at the very end Black Hawk Robotics will be ready and prime for champs! Again thanks for the venue and an amazing time!

Coming from all of team 3735 we had a great time at the Dallas regional

Team 3310 and us almost beat 148!! If only we had our auton working :\ so close but that’s what its all about… Best competition we have been to !! Really looking forward top off season and next year!!!

Congratulations to teams 3310, 148, and 4610 on winning the Dallas regional, it was a hard fought battle and y’all came out on top. :slight_smile:

148 is still undefeated at the Dallas Regional! That’s pretty remarkable.

Also congrats to Joshua Thomas on being the Dean’s list finalist and to my father David Ricks on the Woodie Flowers finalist award! Both defiantly well deserved!

And Thanks 3802 and 4354 for being great alliance partners! 2283 thanks for stepping in on short notice. We made a great run to get to the finals going through an extremely tough alliance of 2936, 231, and 3522! Gatorzillas, that was a very unique Autonomous mode! I never thought of having a teammate dump into a robot in auto mode!

The Dallas Regional once again proved why it is one of the best run events out there and why it is my favorite regional to attend! Thanks to everyone involved!