Damage to power cells

Wondering if anyone is seeeing any damage to power cells with th 2-3 inches of compression and the wheel speeds that are being mentioned on some of the shooting mechanisms. We have a power cell that appears that a portion of the dinoskin has separated from the rest of the ball. There is no puncture of the skin, and the ball is still round, but it as if a portion of the outer cover is loose.

We’ve seen the same thing on our most used ball. You’ll probably end up seeing some balls like that in competition too. When you’re designing your shooter you need to make sure you can shoot both very grippy new balls and worn-down, floppy skin old balls.


We have 24 balls but we “hid” 20 of them so that we can divvy out new ones each week to confirm that our shooter works with new and old balls as the 2016 old balls were significantly different from the new balls. These balls are cheaply made and the ball we got on kickoff is already suffering damage after only a week and is significantly different from the new balls.


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