Dampening the bounce of the cargo

When testing intaking the cargo, we noticed that if the ball is not rolling or bouncing at a low level, it is extremely difficult to intake, as it bounces off our wheels (we have a top roller intake) . We have tried wrapping some surgical tubing around the wheels (like in ftc or a weed wacker), which works alright but we would like to make it easier to intake bounding cargo. Any ideas?

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Is the ball already on the carpet and moving away from you when you get to it? If so, how fast are your wheels spinning? Conventional wisdom is that the edge of the intake wheels/rollers should move at least twice as fast as the robot. They may also be held too low.

If the problem is that the ball is bouncing in the air and you’re trying to take it in from the carpet, you either need to wait for the ball to settle on the carpet, force the ball to be on the carpet, or use an intake that works off the carpet (e.g. dual roller intake like most teams had last year for cubes, though likely compliant wheels aren’t needed this time around).