Dane Cook

Is Dane Cook not the funniest guy out right now?
This thread will be for people favorite Dane Cook moments…favorite parts of his cds haha.
And this will just be a general forum about him. Because he is so awesome.

p.s who is going to see him tomorrow at meadowbrook?

Dane Cook is the greatest comedian ever.

I want to see him live, I hear he’s way more awesome in person.

Dane is the funniest man I have ever listened too.
I keep watching his website to see if hes coming to the Chicago area.
Honestly, i listen to his Cd’s so much that on the way home from nationals I entertained our bus for two hours just mimicking him! :smiley:
“I don’t even like jelly…”


Dane cook is hilarious. I saw him live last year at UCF, he was amazing. I bought his new cd’s the day they came out. My roomates and I listen to the cd’s like everyday

I just visited Dane Cook’s website, and was subjected to what I consider objectionable material. :frowning: Forewarned is forearmed.

Im not trying to start anything here. He is just so funny and he is comming to town. So I was wondering who elese appreciated his funnyness as mutch as I do. If You don’t like his material…you just say so…it is your own opinion, I will respect that. I was not trying to offend anyone. If you have been offended by this then I am truely sorry. But this was not my intention.

I wish that I could see him live. I recently went and saw Larry the cable guy and he was great. I hope Dane makes it back through Philly or somewhere around DE soon.

I saw a few clips of his and absolutely loved it (the one where he retells the story of the jogger getting hit by the car – that was wonderful).

but i can’t say he’s my favorite – i don’t have a favorite, just people i love. like pablo francisco. he’s more for the hispanics and people that understand spanish but i absolutely love him (ahh it’s an opinion don’t kill me!)

There was a kid down the hall a couple years ago that kept talking about a car accident skit…would always go around saying, “I was cleaning a dish, and I heard it, so I came out!” I had no idea what he was talking about until he played the skit for me…that has to be one of the most hillarious things I have ever heard. His bit about the Kool-Aid man is great too.

I’ve been meaning to pick up CD that just came out…perhaps I will go do that soon!

I will definitely admit that his brand of comedy may not be for all…though I am finding that quite a few well known comedians are pretty dirty. I was a bit shocked when I heard some of Robin Williams’ material, but I was younger.


What I saw tonight on the VMA’s was crappy. Either he chose some bad material or I am just an old dud. I wouldn’t cross the street to see his show.

Andy B.

I’m with you on this one Andy. I just watched it and didn’t even think about trying to laugh.

He just chose some bad material. He has some really funny stuff. like the car alarm skit is hilarious. But what he did last night was bad i will have to admit.


The VMA stuff wasn’t so great. Sure, I got a chuckle from it, but it wasn’t as good as all his other stuff.

I still like the one time where he talked about how earlier movies were actually scary. Good times right there…

He will be @ USF on September 1st… @ our round up so this is gonna be pretty cool :smiley: