DAP 1522B Issues

We have just installed our new radio in our robot, and cannot get it to connect to anything, wired or wireless.

The blue power light illuminates, but no other lights turn on regardless of the position of the switch. The router cannot be located at, and the voltage going to it has been verified at 5.02 V, through the converter. The reset switch does not power-cycle the router either.

Any ideas about whats wrong with it? Should we just replace it?

I’d get a second router just in case, if you’re having reliability issues with that one.

Is this the first time you’ve used the new radio, and if not, did it work previously?

Have you flashed the new firmware for the radio?

If that is the case, do you know for sure that the firmware flashed successfully? Did you take all the proper precautions when doing this, such as only flashing over a wired connection?

I did not participate in the original radio setup; our programmer called me in when it stopped working. As far as I know, it was updated and configured correctly prior to installation on our robot. We are already getting a second one, but it won’t arrive before Stop Build.

If this issue has not been resolved, please continue reading beyond this point.

What mode is the dlink access point set too at the moment? (AP 2.4 Ghz, AP 5.0 GHZ, or Bridge)?

Did your team use the FIRST setup tool to setup your access point?

If you plug in to any ethernet port on the access point/bridge(default gateway) are you able to ping the device after setting the computer’s ip address?

You have to manually set the ip address of the computer to the same subnet on the access point to be able to access it.

Have you tried resetting the access point/bridge but using the reset button on the back of the access point/bridge?