Dark FRC, show me your secrets


ROBOT parts shall not be made from hazardous materials, be unsafe, cause an unsafe condition, orinterfere with the operation of other ROBOTS.

m. High intensity light sources used on the ROBOT (e.g. super bright LED sources
marketed as ‘military grade’ or ‘self-defense’) may only be illuminated for a brief time
while targeting and may need to be shrouded to prevent any exposure to
participants. Complaints about the use of such light sources will be followed by reinspection and possible disablement of the device.

And Q&A 106


Thank You!

The first year we did swerve in 2014 we added a heat sink to our main breaker and then basically froze it with duster cans before a match. Rediculous that there were no rules against it. Since then we’ve learned a lot and actually know how to size motors correctly.


There’s no rule preventing an FRC team from being composed entirely of professional adults that hire some random high school kids off the street and pay them money to drive their robots for the duration of an event only.


I kinda want to do this when I’m older but make meme robots. Mecanum swerve kiwi H-drive coming 2030.


pic: Final 2011 Drivetrain


That’d be the year 2 design

haha one of our team’s old mentors was responsible for the “no noisemakers” rule on robot carts iirc


I like to feel me and Angry Eric are partly responsible for the no circle game rule being put in last year.
2018 FLR, every matching when he would announce us he would try and get me or my students, and I’d try to get him during going on or off the field.

As for other rules that got implemented after I did “maybe questionable things” include
Also after 2018 they said you can’t do offboard compressors / changed inspection rules as I gave lots of issues at 2018 buckeye inspection.
Also they said you can’t enable on field anymore cause we would do that to reset position and air.
Apparently that’s a no no.

We never had to do position but we do air in the pits on a battery due to charge.

We once retained a gear with a glue stick and some staples. Please, do not ask.


Well, we had a few times we hit the field, forgot to, or were rushed or something, and would throw a wire over the driver station, turn the bot on, quick enable, build air, then turn off.

I distinctly remember doing it at CNY, because the inspector held us up or something and told us to do it on the field.

In 2015, 1678 ended up almost facing off against its own can grabber at champs when 5027, who had been on 1678’s SVR alliance, was in the same division and should have been selected for a playoff alliance.


My favorite Insanity Wolf strategy from 2015 was, sadly, never used. Operating on the assumption that most Recycle Rush robots were not built for durability, cheesecake ramps onto your third partner to help robots cross the center divider. Then send two of your robots across and absolutely destroy the opposing robots for ~two minutes in the first match of a playoff set. Take your red card, then win the next two matches easily.


that’s not what 973 was trying to do?


Unfortunately they missed the crucial ‘cross to the other side of the field first’ step.


Probably would have been worth the ensuing CD war to make a Recycle Rush match interesting.


On the topic of Recycle Rush Cheesecake, I’m still mad we didn’t get to use our cheesecake grabber in 2015 at works. It vs the harpoons would have been insane.

For those that might not have seen the post back then, the landfill that year only extended to the inside edge of the guardrail. Which meant you could go around the guardrail and start in the cans. We had this giant U contraption out of 1 inch round tubing, that was actually drilled 45 degrees offset because the end weighed so much it torqued the bar that much. Sadly we never got to show it off in a match, but it was mounted to our 4th robot.

It did cause us to get a rule in the rulebook though. The rules technically said the field included the guardrail, which included all the metal. So if we followed the metal, we were technically in the field, even though it didn’t matter since a Q&A ruling said you could start outside the field anyway. That was changed in 2016 to state the field does not include the metal of the guardrail.


I have no words for how epic this would have been.


I’m kind of disturbed it was even thought of.