thats right folks, the DGC for 2007 was announced yesterday in a press release sent to the team leaders. This DGC is a bit different though as it is all about inner city driving. Vehicles will be required to obey traffic laws and navigate around other moving cars, along with parking and turning scenarios. my team, G-cart @RIT will be meeting Sunday to decide our status but i know that there are some other people here on the forums interested in the challenge.

Here is the press release (pdf)


Awesome, thanks for posting, hopefully RPI has a team this year, they havent had one in the past.

Darn it you beat me to it! :smiley: Here’s some more info.
And the rules are coming soon here.
I can’t wait to see how this challenge works out. I know Stanford has already started working to this end shortly after the last challenge. What really makes me happy is that the planning for this is here in reston virginia!