DARPA Legged Robot Speed record: 18 MPH

Woah! I wish I could run that fast. I could leave for a match at the last moment, and be on the field the next second. :slight_smile:

Now let’s see someone use that on an FRC robot. :wink:

It’s actuated by pneumatic pistons, I think it’s doable; just not at that speed. I doubt it can turn either.

OMG! I was digging the slow-mo. One leg hits the ground at a time just like real animals.

To help understand Boston Dynamics and the success of Big Dog, Pet Man, and the new Cheetah.

Go watch their leader Marc Raibert talk about Legged Design ! He is a fantastic engineer and researcher.

Dang, Boston Dynamics, you scary! I wonder how they protect its fragile bits from being damaged by all that bouncing?