DART Actuators

Hello all,

What happened to the DART actuators that AndyMark sold? Is there a reason that they discontinued them? And are there anything out there similar to them? Thanks!

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I do not know why they were discontinued, but check out the new rules on motors and liner actuators. Most COTS Linear Actuators can be used now, unlike when the DART was introduced. So I would check out Amazon and find one that meets the rules and have built-in position feedback via a potentiometer, hall effect sensor, or similar.


I’ll also note: the DART is about a decade-old design, built for the OG CIM motor. I haven’t asked anyone at AndyMark about it, but it wouldn’t shock me if the product was simply retired.

In an age where linear motion has been made more abundant than ever (pneumatics, COTS climbers, COTS elevators, COTS linear actuators going for $40 on Amazon…), there is probably something closer to the mark for your intended application. If you know what you’re trying to do, I’m sure we’d be happy to steer you in a direction.

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This is basically it. It was an old design that if we were to continue to produce we would have wanted to improve in a number of areas, but with the advent of linear actuators from many local sources being legal at ~1/10 the cost we decided it was time to retire it. If you are trying to keep an old DART running we have a few spare parts still available while supplies last.


Thank you all for your answers! We will be looking into the ones on Amazon.