Dart Linear Actuators Motor Sub.

Can any of the smaller standard VEX motors be substituted for the CIM motor on Dart Linear Actuators and if so what is required to make the transition?

 Very Much Appreciated!!!

What is your definition of “standard VEX motors”? If you mean the Mini CIM and the BAG motor, both can fit to the CIM mount interface (the Mini CIM directly mounts, and the BAG motor would have to go through a VersaPlanetary). Keep in mind swapping motors will change the output torque, so you’ll have to do your own math in those regards, but it’s relatively simple. If you’re referring to the VEX 393 servomotors, I’m sure a custom connection could be made, but I can’t see why you would want to do that.

Essentially you want a gearbox with a “CIMlike” output.

Vex has the versaplanetary (500, 700 and bag motors), and the cim-i-lie (500, 700 and bag motors).

Banebots has the cimulator (500, 700 motors).

Andymark has the AM planetary (500 size motors)

Yes this can be done as seen this video.