Darwin - naming opportunity missed

I think FIRST missed an ideal naming opportunity when they picked Darwin for the name of the division.

First of all, there is the obvious drawbacks of getting awards which would be Darwin Awards? Not good.

Secondly, who wants to really think about quals and elims in terms of natural selection? Not much GP there, I’m afraid.

They should have, instead selected the name “Edison”.

Aside from the obvious potential sponsorship opportunities, the biggest potential advantage would have been when Edison plays Tesla on Einstein! The memes are already out there for this one (not to mention T-shirts, bumper stickers etc.). And, you have your choice of any AC/DC song to play during the match.

I think FIRST missed a golden opportunity here…

Edison is already an FTC division.

Or they could fully embrace it by calling Darwin’s picking “natural selection.”

Solution: Make (both of) the Da Vinci winner(s) play the Einstein winner(s) and rotate between the FTC and FRC fields. Best total winning percentage gets home field advantage.

Solution - we go back to 1 championship with 4 fields and pretend FTC doesn’t exist at all…

Field Names:


And Einstein

or…FIRST goes out and buys some land in the middle of some corn fields…and builds a recreation of the Georgia World Congress Center and Georgia Dome. You remember…where we housed all of the different program competition fields under one roof and it was great.

I do kind of wonder if FTC would benefit from having a separate, larger championship on the scale of VEX World’s, but that’s a discussion for another thread.

But…but I thought we didn’t like FRC on baseball fields…I’ll show myself out…

We still don’t have Hawking field though.

I think they should name a field Hawking next year

Yeah, I too was shocked that there wasn’t a “Hawking” division.

I believe Carson and Daly fields should always be placed next to each other.

Nope, FIRST will go to space… find a new planet to hold a new UNIVERSE championship… start a new set of teams called FRU (FIRST Robotics Universal)…for ALL ages…with no bag day…and part of EVERY years game will include a 60 second WATER CHALLENGE!

What do you think?

Isn’t that kinda what IRI is?

No bag day… I assume California and Minnesota are districts in this competition too?

Humans will reach deep space before MN gets districts

Humans will reach deep space before MN gets districts[/quote]

Isn’t that next year…Destination Deep Space…