Dashboard and Robot main with Axis camera

We have had our robot chassis rolling but when we began to play around with the Axis camera we tried to follow the setup for the camera but when deployed to the crio we recieve the camera image but now we cannot move our robot. All we get is flasing yellow onb the jaguars. Is this an issue with the Robot main code that is from the LAbview Main. I am sure we are missing something but with out an actual programing class or professional as of yet we are trying to explore and troubleshoot issues. Seems like Chief Delphi has alot of answers so if anyone can help thanks a ton.

is your robot main deployed?

Flashing yellow means its lost its link. Not receiving a signal from you.

deploy robot main, click enable vision, let it run then go to view- getting started window-and pull up a dashboard project and run.

Or it could be as simple as forgetting to flip the switch on the dongle to enable the robot. Or the dongle itself could be unplugged. Or a wire could have broken inside it.

Double-check to make sure the DS screen doesn’t show the robot in “disabled” mode.

When we deploy the robot main we get to 36% then it seems to stop we clicked on close and then try to the enable vision and we can see pics from the camera but no movement. Just to get this right I open both of the VI’s dashboard and Robot main, then go to run in each this should give us the default arcade control is that correct. I can see how the labview is going to give us alot of options but without getting the default program to load we are lost thanks for help thus far.

team 2883

no our donggle is working it shows up on the DS as enabled and disabled.

could we have an issue that we have the vision screen on robot main? We did not have the dashboard up is that an issue, do we have to have both of them or will it work with just running the robot main.

Where’s the enable vision button? I only found one reference of it in the Vision Processing.vi, but it’s a read and not a write. :confused:

On the front panel of robot main, is the enable vision switch