Dashboard Camera Image and Data

This seems to be a common theme so I am going to be utterly blunt and pointed with a few questions to those who have been able to solve these problems that many teams are encountering:

  1. With the default dashboard, how would one go about getting a camera image into the appropriate window? Ideally we could get two solution: one for running the camera through the cRIO and another solution for running the camera through the switch.

  2. As discussed here and here, the example for displaying various PWM outputs, solinoid outputs (it doesn’t work for me with 02011.4 installed), analog outputs, etc. is terribly commented and nearly impossible to figure out. Does anyone have a class or method that would be easy to understand and easy to incorporate into our programs?

Hopefully we can solve the problems and frustrations of many in one afternoon.

I’m not sure why some people are having problems with the code here. To double check, I just uninstalled and reinstalled all the FRC plugins, and it still builds without an error. Have you tried doing the same, removing and reinstalling the plugins?

Also, you could try commenting out the solenoid line that is causing problems, it shouldn’t screw anything up. You just won’t get any solenoid data on the dashboard.

Actually that doesn’t work. You’ll get a big ugly looking Dashboard Datatype error on the Dashboard of your classmate. As I said in my post on the other thread, I’ve tried 4 different PCs and they all have problems with that Solenoid line of code.

You can only see the Axis Camera’s feed through the stock dashboard if you connect it directly to the cRIO. As for displaying the outputs, there’s some recent threads that should be pretty relevant to your interests.

Again, I have no idea why you are having problems, mine is up to date and still works.

That being said, try replacing the solenoid line with a constant:

byte thisBytes = 0;

Won’t tell you what the solenoids are up to, but might allow you to use the rest of the code.

For those of us who are trying to get a direct camera feed, what needs to be done to the dashboard to make this happen?

We have gotten a white screen where the camera image should be although we can connect to the camera via a web browser.

Nothing has to be done to the dashboard, but the camera has to be set up correctly, and somewhere in your initialization routines you need to do AxisCamera.getInstance() to start it up.

Attaching FIRST’s instructions on the proper way to set up the cam.

How_to_Configure_Your_Camera.pdf (514 KB)

How_to_Configure_Your_Camera.pdf (514 KB)

The default dashboard and framework dashboard code are written to work with the camera connected to the cRIO. If connected to the dlink and the IP is set to be 10.te.am.xx, you will be able to communicate directly with the camera. This will require modifications to the dashboard.

Greg McKaskle