Hi there :slight_smile: we are using our own labview dashboard for our robot, so we put controllers inside the dashboard to modify, for example, the drive-motors, the problem here is that the values that we send are not received in the robot project so practically the dashboard is useless… :confused: any ideas of why this is happening? we’ve already tried making a whole new dashboard project, it’s something curious because it reads the values of the jaguars, the joysticks, etc. but the robot project doesn’t receive the values that we are trying to send. :confused:

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

To send values to the robot, you have to write those values to the robot then have the robot write those values to the motors or whatever you want to control. You do that by using the dashboard write VIs on the dashboard side, and the dashboard read VIs on the robot side.

You’re not planning on driving the robot by using that method are you? 0.o

If you place the controls and indicators in the Auto or Operation tab, they will be sent automatically. But you do need to read them on the robot and update motors and other values. The SD/NT palette contains the read and write icons for Booleans, numbers, strings, and arrays of those types. The SD icons are the ones you probably want to use.

Greg McKaskle

i want to use it to modify the power of the drive-motors not to control them, this is what I have, and it doesn’t work I don’t know why, “Potencia motores” and “Omni/Regular” are the values that I want to use in the robot project

Where on the dashboard’s front panel did you place the controls? Their values will be sent automatically only if they are in either the Operation or Auto tabs.

Where in your robot project are you reading the values?

Ohhh! So that’s the problem, I have the contorls in the Drive tab, but it’s strange, because in the last year I had the controls in the drive tab and it was alright. I read the values in the teleop VI
I’ll try changing the controls to the operation tab, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Last year, the first tab was called Operation.

Greg McKaskle

Thanks to all of you guys! your help was very useful, now we have the dashboard running and working just perfect :slight_smile: thanks! now I can read the values from the drive tab, thanks again!