Dashboard help - Analog 1 works but not Analog 2 or Analog 3


I have plugged in a potentiometer into Analog 1 and Average Analog 1 and it operates as expected. Not so for Average Analog 2 and Average Analog 3 using the same potentiometer. I swapped analog breakout boards and received the same results. Any thoughts on how to proceed?

Dashboard 15Feb13.pdf (164 KB)

Dashboard 15Feb13.pdf (164 KB)

Did you open them in Begin and save them with those names? Does the panel work and just not the SmartDashboard? Does the Message display have errors related to the Analog usage?

Greg McKaskle

Are you seeing correct reading for Average Analog 2 and Average Analog 3 on the front panel of your Teleop but not on the Dashboard?

From the pic you posted of the Operation Tab of your Dashboard when it is NOT running, notice the shadow lines around Average Analog 2 and Average Analog 3 but no shadow lines around Average Analog 1.

That means ‘Average Analog 2’ and ‘Average Analog 3’ are not actually on or in or part of the Operation Tab, but hovering above it or out in front of it and there fore they are not “Bound” to the data sent back from the robot.

Drag ‘Average Analog 2’ and ‘Average Analog 3’ with the mouse (not the arrow keys) and release inside the Operation Tab. Keep trying until they look like Average Analog 1 without shadow lines.

Once the gauges are contain in the Operation Tab you then can select them and move or adjust them with the arrow keys.

Just a note.
The feedback to the Dashboard " Average Analog 2" has a leading space as part of the name which might not match the name used on the Dashboard side.

I don’t see what you’re talking about. Can you mark up the picture to clearly show what you mean?

From the PDF that they posted page 2 the Operation Tab.

Notice the dark shadow lines that are to the lower right corner of ‘Average Analog 2’ and ‘Average Analog 3’ that you do not see on ‘Average Analog 1’.

To test this before ‘marccenter’ makes any corrections, he could run the dashboard and I believe when he switches tabs to say ‘Test’ or ‘Checklist’, ‘Average Analog 2’ and ‘Average Analog 3’ gauges will stay visible on top (also the X-Y graph and Boolean button LEDs)

This is the effect.
How Can I Access the Same Control/Indicator on Multiple Tabs of a Tab Control?

The two gauges are NOT part of the Operation Tab and there fore will not be updated like ‘Average Analog 1’ is.

Operation Tab.png

Operation Tab.png

This is what I think happens when Marc runs his Dashboard and switches to another Tab



Oh. My browser didn’t make it obvious that there were additional pages; all I was looking at was the first one. Yep, it sounds like you’ve identified his problem (or at least a big part of it).

Good call! That was the issue.

So for others, here’s how I walked into this Labview “gotcha”. Rather than using the mouse to move my analog gauge display initially onto the dashboard location, I selected the analog gauge with my mouse and used my keyboard arrow keys because it made positioning easier. The arrow key movement did not allow the gauge to become “bound” properly as cited by OMAR above.

Thanks again for your help, it now works as expected and Average Analog 2 and Average Analog 3 update properly,