Dashboard in C/C++

Posted by Matt Leese.

Student on team #7 from Parkville High School and NASA, Black & Decker, AAI, Raytheon.

Posted on 1/24/2000 7:46 PM MST

As an alternative to the Visual Basic based Dashboard
port, I’ve developed a C/C++ version of a library and
Dashboard GUI (the library is in C and the GUI in C++).
I will release the binary and source code shortly but
it needs a bit more work (the GUI is woefully inadequate
and it needs more testing). This will be good for
everyone with underpowered laptops (it’ll require many
fewer resources) and for those of us who like C++ and
can’t stand Visual Basic. :slight_smile: If you’re interested in
getting an early look at it or working on it, e-mail me.
At this point it’s all Windows based but if someone bugs
me enough there may be a Linux port someday (kind of hard
because I don’t have the controller at home and that’s
where my Linux machine is). E-mail if interested.

Matt Leese