Dashboard not appearing on Classmate

On our classmate, we only get the driver station shown at the bottom of the screen. When I click on the “Dashboard” button, nothing happens, and besides, its already green. This is when logged into the driver account. When logged in to the developer account, it doesn’t appear either. Is the program called “Dashboard.exe”? Is it set to start in the registry? The image is current of course (its running windows 7) and I reinstalled the driver station software software again. It shows version

Also, does the camera appear on the dashboard like last year? Anybody have that working?


What happens if you login as developer and use the start menu to launch the dashboard?

The dashboard exe is launched by the driver station. I believe it expects it to be in the same location as the installed one – C:\Program Files\FRC Dashboard\Dashboard.exe.

If you have clicked the dashboard button, you may have set it to use a remove dashboard. Try clicking it again.

If your dashboard doesn’t launch, it may be missing the nivision DLLs. Search for the solution details, which involves installing some support files from the development tools.

Greg McKaskle