Dashboard not communicating with robot?

Sorry for the question.

I have set an SD read to take the value of an SD variable and feeds it’s value into a case structure, (menu ring on the dashboard for switching autonomous modes.) However, when I set this up and select the input, only the default case activates no matter which mode I select (and for some reason, happens whenever the robot is enabled in teleop as well.) The dashboard also does not print variables from teleop; it won’t print strings that fed to it. Has the protocol for dashboard variables changed for 2015?

Additionally, does the fact that the dashboard not opening in tandem with the driver station have any bearing with this?

The dashboard protocol did change, but major portions of it are the same.

The Variables tab on the dashboard will help determine if you are connected to the robot(server) and whether the reads and writes are flowing between them. If you are developing a dashboard, flip the dashboard settings from Default to LabVIEW and manually run your DB. Later you will build it into an EXE, the DS will launch My Documents\LabVIEW Data\builds\FRC_Dashboard\Dashboard.exe. So you can put there or in the default location.

Greg McKaskle

Thanks. I added the LabVIEW runtime link at the end of DS config file and now it works.