Dashboard not resizing properly


Our team's dashboard has encountered a problem. It whenever we start up the driver station and the dashboard, the dashboard doesn't fill up the screen except the DS. instead it seems to overlap a little and not fill up the top left and top right corners of the screen. we've tried replacing the dashboard 3 times. does anyone know how to fix this? even the defualt doesn't work

Did you try clicking the Full Screen button on the Driver Station app?

yep. that didn’t work

Do you start the Driver Station, then it starts the Dashboard?
Or are you starting them separately?

Also make sure you don’t have multiple copies of the Dashboard running.

We don’t have multiple dashboards running. it used to work like driver station then starts dashboard, but now it’s not working at all and we have to start them seperatly

If you have to start them separately, then the Driver Station probably isn’t recognizing the Dashboard to resize it.

On the DS Setup tab what Dashboard Type is it set to?


If you set it to Default, then exit both the DS and Dashboards.
Try running the Driver Station to see if the default Dashboard comes up.

we tried that. several times. it still doesn’t work

So the default Dashboard doesn’t even come up huh.

That might mean you have to start the Driver Station with “run as administrator”

Have you checked to see if the default Dashboard has been installed properly. The Dashboard should be at c://Program Files (x86)/FRC Dashboard/Dashboard.exe

well it will show up, it will just be sized wierd and overlap the driver station. it also fried the top buttons, like f3-f11

What does that mean?

no just means they won’t work sorry team slang

Try running the DS as administrator to see if that allows it to change another apps size.
Right-click on the Driver Station icon and select “run as administrator”

https://drive.google.com/open?id=183VOA38bX0dNcmZ0Z-6aMPwSXboUMbPD"this is what the dashboard looks like

Fits your description.
Any luck with administrator?

It worked! thanks!

Good luck!

You too! Good luck eagles!

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